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Street Outlaws No Prep Kings - Tulsa Raceway, Great 8 Rd 1, Kye Kelley vs Justin Swanstrom

Street Outlaws, No Prep Kings, Great 8, Round 1, Race 2. Kye Kelley's NEW NPK Shocker FIRST PASS at NPK vs Justin Swanstrom's LIME GREEN Prenup.
stephen smith : That's why you don't get rid of a second place points car Kye and start over with a new one mid season ....
Tony Kemper : Awe it’s heart warming to see father and son race side by side!!
Unknown Bikes : SwanGang rolling. Rack up them points my guy. Unfortunately I would of liked to see a competitive race with the new shocker making a pass in sure Kye will get it figured out. That way Prenup can wax his son. SwanGang 4 life!!! J Swap Jason.
Ryan : I didnt see the RT but that was a hell of a light from Swanstrom. They got that thing rollin
shisno elite : Hope Kye is able to get it figured out for tomorrow. I'm sure not having Adam there is rough

Kye Kelley's NEW Shocker for NPK Street Outlaws No Prep Kings 2022 Tulsa

GL Vera : Looks great, but will it beat Lizzie, if he can't, he'll not beat Ryan Martin. Then he'll go back to being Kry Kelly.
Kyle Heitzman : FREAKING BAD ASS! Kye is OG as it gets.
Kevin L. : Very cool Cheri thanks for sharing. Things got a little cooler here in Tulsa should make for a good weekend of racing. I’ve raced many times at that track at the Midnight Drags. Lots of great memories ✌️
Sketchy's Garage : Keep posting the bangers! Have a good weekend.
Perry Lankford : WHOOO-HOOOOOO!!
Thank GOD we have a break from the heat!!

STREET OUTLAWS: NPK (Season 5 - Beech Bend Raceway)

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Justin Case : Boosted is good commentator
Bob Smith : Oh this footage is great is this guy even at the track or is he filming from a mountain top 10 miles away
Mack : Best part of the racing and you had to sit down. What a waste of time
Richard Mizen : Thank you
Shawn Trammell : Really dude,leave the drags alone. That why you couldn't afford your ticket. Ignorance is Bliss.




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