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Ivy League vs Community College: Which Education Is Better? | Middle Ground

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Sean Broh : It’s sad to me that the Ivy League students especially the Yale guy pretty much relied on their school to be themselves. It’s like without the school they wouldn’t even consider themselves a person. That’s not worth it at all in my eyes.
Brandy Ross : He really said the people didn’t know they were participating in a college admission scandal!?

Folks were literally buying their way in
hime Too : Anybody realize none of this will matter when they’re dead.
fishforuranium : I'd be more interested to see an ivy league Saul-equivalent to just discuss things with Saul. Or better still, get 2 more Sauls for the college side, and 3 Sauls for the university side, and hear what their thoughts. Because as it's basically just one adult and 5 kids, with the only real differences being that Saul has an identity, and the other 5 haven't figured theirs out yet. In short, I think it would be interesting to see 6 people who have identities already have this same discussion.
MsMeditatingPanda : No one should be ashamed of where they go to school. I think of it from the perspective of what I've gone through and what I might have as a parent. I would never tell or make a kid ashamed of where they went. Be proud either way. It truly is the quality of what you do. It matters what you bring to the table. College is a tool. You can choose how you use that tool. If I'm ashamed of anything education related it's how I didn't use this tool well.
Hashvingit Kaur : I'm probably going to uni or college next Yr and Im so afraid that I can't afford it.
Nyasha : This is interesting especially how they got into community college and how community college is viewed there in comparison to where I'm from. For community college you have to have certain subjects (dependant on what you're going to study) between a grade proficiency of 1-3 anything lower and you arent even acknowledged (its key to note as well that if there are 50 people with grades 1 and 2 and you have grade 3's and 2's you have less of a chance to get in). If you do have the subjects within the grade proficiency range you then have to go through an interview process lol and if you fail the interview you dont even get a call to say "you failed" they just never call but if you do pass you get called and you have to go through the true sign up and payment process. So its interestig how easy it is for them. The competition here it's stiff. Especially when a programme could only be taking in 15 students and 100+ have applied.
B H : Honestly, a name of a school will mean nothing as you go on with life. There are always people who are more successful than you, who didn't even go to college, who came from nothing, and went through countless adveristies. Let that thought humble you. Hanging on to the pride of a mere university name is just an overcompensation that many people make, because sometimes that's all they have. That's why the old guy Saul gets it. I see Ivy leagues more as a business. I'd choose MIT or Caltech over ivy leagues.
Selim Sabbagh : Saul is 85??? He doesn’t look a day over 70!
Vy Bee : I hate that people are ashamed to say they go to anything other than an Ivy League let alone a community college. I am proud to be a member and soon graduate of a community college. So many people around me don’t want to better their life and situation. My high school teachers recommended community college anyway. It is cheaper.

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SAMURAI BOB! : I’m so exited that this is finally out!
Julian : Thank you prof! For making the first tutorial I've seen that explained generic mana costs correctly! And didn't call them colorless costs, or said that they could be payed with "any other color" and the like. bows
Bastien Clarke : Cool
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reallyevilric : Good video, Proff, but you missed talking about the "Golden Rule".
David Burris : Great video that teaches MTG.
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goozilla132 : >no two games are truly the same

Unless I'm playing Charbelcher. Every game is the same.

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